All Inclusive, better than just venue

    Just add (happy) people...

    Creating a wedding day schedule, getting (and paying) for just enough food, linens, soda, ice, china and silverware, and staff is not easy, and can lead to wasted time and wasted money. This is why most of our brides choose all inclusive reception packages, which we customize with them. To save them time and money, and to allow them the freedom to enjoy their wedding day!

    The Venue

    Venue Rental from 8AM to midnight, bridal salon, groom's room, arcade, tables and chairs, table linens, ceiling draping, cake table, gift table, snack and coffee table, cleaning and free parking are all included in your venue fee.

    Ceremonies at Glenhaven can be added to your package.


    Wedding Day Enhancements

    We have many services that can be added to your package to give you the all-inclusive wedding you are hoping for: photography, video, officiant, bakery, flowers, and decorations. However, you are welcome to book these elsewhere as well.


    • ALL INCLUSIVE engagement process

      Putting together a large party is complicated, but we do most of it... so you can have more fun


      Ballpark Decision

      Do you like Glenhaven, and is it in your budget ballpark? Is your date available, or are you flexible?



      Come see the venue for yourself, bring your fiance. Bring parents if they are part of your decision. Show them the ballpark ahead of time.


      Initial Package

      We will create a wedding package quote for you, with just the options you want.


      Retainer / Deposit

      Secure your date with $2000. Your wedding package comes with a free payment plan (no interest, no fees)... this will relieve a lot of stress.


      Wedding Planning

      As soon as you decide Glenhaven is the place for you, we'll schedule wedding planning and you'll be on your way to planning a day to remember. If you are out of town, Skype will do.



      Meet with all the experts you selected: linens, decorations, catering, DJ, flowers, photo, video...



      Email, call, or text us anytime with any questions. We'll advise and will update your plan or your package with any changes you make.


      Plan Review

      One or two months before your wedding day, we'll meet again to ensure all the decisions are finalized: menu, linens, colors, music, ceremony line-up, etc.


      Paid in Full

      Your balance should be paid in full one month before the wedding day, so you do not have to worry about money and balances on your wedding day.


      Final Review

      One or two weeks before your wedding day, your wedding day coordinator will review the plan one more time.


      Final Package Update

      One week before your wedding day we'll need your confirmed guest count to adjust your final balance accordingly.


      Set-up or Drop Off

      Two-three days before your wedding day we will meet you at the venue, either to set up your decorations or to store them for your wedding day.


      Big Day

      We're on the job, so you get busy smiling and relishing. Whenever you need to know or do something, we will prompt you. Kick back and relax!


      End Of Day

      We'll package your stuff, and we'll help load it into the designated vehicles, while you say your goodbyes.


      Next Monday

      We'll send you any refunds from the guest count adjustment, while you sail into the sunrise of your married life!