• Glenhaven Receptions

    Twenty four foot tall ceilings with large, rustic chandeliers will wow your guests from the moment they enter. Ample seating, a full service bar, and a large dance floor with amazing dance lights will make your wedding reception a fun and memorable event for both you and your guests.


    With the DJ booth on one side of the head table, and the bar on the other, everything needed for a great party is in one space. Your guests will feel more connected and will socialize on or close to the dance floor all night. Once Space: One Party!

    "One love, one heart, let's get together and feel alright!" Bob Marley

  • Your wedding day experience... better at Glenhaven

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    Stress Free Setup

    Before you can have a reception, a lot of materials, decorations, signs, flowers, treats, etc. must be brought in and set up in place. While brides the world over have to move in and out of their venue in the span of 12 hours, while trying to enjoy the time in between, we do it better.

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    If there is no event the night before your wedding day, we will reserve a two hour block for you to come in and decorate.

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    Saturdays, Sundays, or

    whenever there is another event scheduled the day before your wedding day, you will be dropping off decorations ahead of time, and, on your wedding day, a staff member will assist your team in setting up your decor items in the morning.


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    when you don't have to worry about anything...

    You will sport a sweet, happy smile while you get pampered with hair and make-up, knowing that all will be done right, without you having to lift a finger.


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    Carefully Managed

    by our event coordinator...

    You will make the most of your precious short wedding day because we'll prompt you whenever you need to know or do something, allowing you the freedom to roam, hug, laugh, cry and make memories...

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    VIP Take Down

    Towards the end of the party...

    Our staff will start packing your decorations and will set them by the door. At midnight the DJ turns into a pumpkin and the music stops. As you hug your friends goodbye, and high five each other, your crew can load your decorations.Take your time to get going, no one will rush you out. After your leave we’ll clean up the place. You: live happily ever after, and relish the memories you created here.

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    Sample Floor Plan

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