The venue is merely the canvas. For an unforgettable reception you also want amazing lighting to create the perfect ambiance for every moment, and you want free time to be able to savor every moment, while others take care of the myriad details that need to be tended to.

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    Stress Free Setup

    Only at Glenhaven

    Before you can have a reception, a lot of materials, decorations, signs, flowers, treats, etc. must be brought in and set up in place. While brides the world over have to move in and out of their venue in the span of 12 hours, while trying to enjoy the time in between, we do it better.


    or whenever there is nothing scheduled the day before your wedding day

    We’ll meet you 1-2 days ahead at the venue and we’ll set everything up together. By the time you get there the right number of chairs, tables, and linens will already have been set up for you, and we’ll work together to decorate the place so that there is nothing left to do on your wedding


    or Sundays, or

    whenever there is another event scheduled the day before your wedding day, we’ll still meet with you ahead of time and will take in and store in the venue all your decorations. On the morning of your wedding day we’ll send our staff to setup the venue with your decorations



    when you don't have to worry about anything...

    You will sport a sweet, happy smile while you get pampered with hair and make-up, knowing that all will be done right, without your having to lift a finger.


    Carefully Managed

    by our event coordinator...

    You will make the most of your precious short wedding day because we'll prompt you whenever you need to know or do something, allowing you the freedom to roam, hug, laugh, cry and make memories...

    VIP Take Down

    Half an hour before the end of the party...

    Our staff will start packing your decorations and will set them by the door. At midnight the DJ turns into a pumpkin and the music stops. As you hug your friends goodbye, and high five each other, we’ll load your stuff in the vehicle you will have designated ahead of time. Alternately, you can leave a car or trailer behind, which we’ll load with your things, and you can pick it up the following day or week. Take your time to get going, no one will rush you out. After your leave we’ll clean up the place. You: live happily ever after, and relish the memories you created here.

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    Take a look and enjoy, and maybe consider, the bride and groom were out of state and everything was planned over Skype and email...

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