• inhouse catering, OUTSIDE CATERING, and BAR

    Great Food

    A great meal is key to a great celebration. Come to a tasting to see for yourself.

    Great Presentation

    Our catering is all inclusive, meaning china, silverware, water service, dinner napkins and bussing staff are included in the price. This is not the case with most caterers.

    Buffet Style Service

    It's faster and less expensive. People will customize their plates to what they want and like, and you won't have to collect food choices and make meal cards / tickets.

    Plated Meals

    Plating is available, though less and less popular, as it is more expensive (a lot more staff is needed).


    We always do the bar and we do not require a food and beverage minimum. You can bring in alcohol for us to serve for a serving fee. Doing your own is not an option... too many things can go wrong.

    Outside Catering

    If you want something else, any caterer licensed and insured in Minnesota is welcome. Just make sure they bring everything they need: china, silverware, goblets, carafes, napkins, chafing dishes, sterno candles, garbage bags, bussing staff, etc.

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