• Catering & Bar

    Brianno's Catering from Eagan, MN - Since 1993

    Great Food

    A great meal is key to a great celebration. Come to a tasting to see for yourself.

    Our tastings are by invitation only, In January, March, May, July, September, and November. Our wedding planner will schedule this for you.



    Great Presentation

    Our catering is all inclusive, meaning china, silverware, water service, dinner napkins and staff are included in the price. This is not the case with most caterers.

    Buffet Style Service

    People will customize their plates to what they want and like, and you won't have to collect food choices and make meal cards / tickets.

    Plated Meals

    Plating is available for an added cost. In addition, we'll need you to collect meal choices from your guests in advance, and give us a complete list of choices by table.


    All alcohol must be purchased through and served by the venue. We will provide the bartenders for the evening, and you can choose from a variety of bar packages.