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    We do not share, sell or otherwise make available to anyone, for any reason whatsoever any of your information.


    When you contact us you will not be put on a mailing list; however, we will contact you a few times to ensure you received all the information we sent; please let us know when to stop :)

    Flexible Reschedule

    The military does not often plan around your wedding, and sometimes an unfortunate family event may cause you to have to reschedule a wedding... we get it.


    In such cases, we will help you find a new date, based on our availability, and within 9 months of the moment you conclude the original date is no longer feasible. This will be a free, one time reschedule, with the exception of wedding pros (photo, video, officiant) and the direct costs incurred. For example, if you reschedule 2 days before the original wedding day, chances are that your cake is already baked, and the flowers are ready, waiting in a cooler case.


    Cancel within 7 days of making the reservation and you can have a full refund... no questions asked. After that, because time is our inventory, as time passes and our chance to re-book your date fades, the cancellation fee grows. Each quote / agreement has a detailed cancellation fee schedule. Please refer to it.

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