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    Glenhaven is about 10 miles from two hotels in Lakeville and 14 miles from two hotels in Apple Valley.


    Should you require transportation, we can arrange this for you. We have 3 options, one rather unique.


    1. School Bus - seats 55 adults, most economical, and most popular

    2. Coach - seats 60 adults, fancy but pricey

    3. Fire Truck Bus - seats 26, about as much as a school bus, loud, fun, and with the sirens on!

  • - Pricing -


    Fire Truck or School Bus pricing for customers using our venues : $300 each 2.5 hours block of time. Additional hours can be added for $100 / hr.


    The Fire Truck Bus is only available only to our venue customers. We are not a charter company.


    Why so expensive? Well, it's a $100,000 vehicle, it gets 6 miles to the gallon, the driver has kids & a mortgage, and your photos, memories, and stories will be one of a kind! BTW, that is about the same as a hummer limo.

    Beer cans OK, no other drinks, no glass bottles please.


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    Like no other!

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