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Wedding Halls Eagan, Minnesota

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How to choose a perfect wedding hall for your special day?

Choosing the perfect wedding hall is likely to be one of the top priorities of any newly engaged couples. Since the venue plays an essential part in the success of your big day, it is an important decision that you need to get right. In addition to the overall look, many other factors might break or make your party. With that in mind, here are a few useful tips for finding the right wedding hall.

Is it in the right location?

Before choosing a wedding hall, make sure to ask where most of your guests will come from. If they aren’t local, then it is essential to find a venue which can be easily accessible and has on-site accommodations or hotels in proximity. If you have foreign guests, find out how far the nearest international airport is. These factors would play an essential part in your final decision because the experience and comfort of your guests are important.

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Does the hall fit with your chosen theme?

If you are choosing a specific color palette or theme for your wedding, make sure the hall’s non-removable, existing décor does not clash with your plan. The site doesn't necessarily have exact tones as your planned decoration, but the curtains, chairs, carpets, and walls shouldn't noticeably conflict with the overall theme or mood of your event. If you want to have a spring brunch at your wedding, for example, a space with floral motifs or pastel colors could be a perfect option. For a classic party, it’s better to select an elegant hall in black and white or neutrals.

Are the acoustics good?

If the space is too echoey, it would produce some weird sound effects to the music band. Also, this can make it hard for your guests to mingle and hear others when talking. Therefore, make sure to check the sound quality of the wedding hall during a live event before you decide to choose. A thick carpet tends to muffle sounds, while a wood or tile floor might amplify them.

Is the capacity enough for your party?

Another critical factor to consider in a wedding hall is the capacity. Decide if you want an intimate and small space or prefer a larger capacity area. This is really important because it can affect your budget and your guests’ enjoyment during the day. A too big venue can make your participants feel lost, while a too small site may make it feel overcrowded and stuffy. The best solution is to make a rough calculation of your guests so that you can quickly narrow down the list.

Make your list of non-negotiables

In most cases, couples are likely to have their own idea of what will happen during the day. For this reason, make sure to sit down and make your list of non-negotiable features. These would include:

- Catering - Which kind of cuisine will you like? Could the hall offer it?

- Budget – Is your budget enough for the hall? Is the value added tax included in the prices?

- Live music – Does the hall allow a band to play? Does the venue permit outside music during reception drinks?

- Suppliers – Will your artistic friends want to take the photos or bake the cakes? If so, will the hall allow it or do they provide the recommended suppliers?

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With so many wedding halls available, it can be a daunting task to choose the right one for your special day. To save your time and effort for other preparation tasks, why don’t you seek professional support from experienced wedding planners? With many years of experience, Glenhaven Events by Fab! Weddings is a great service to help couples find beautiful and gorgeous sites in Eagan, MN. Contact us now for a free quote and consultation!

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