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Outdoor/Indoor Wedding Venues Apple Valley, Minnesota

Can't decide if you want and Indoor or Outdoor wedding? Glenhaven can do both! Read below to learn more.

Important Things to Look for In A Wedding Venue

Selecting a fabulous venue is one of the first things on your wedding to-do list. When grooms and brides start their search, however, they often fall in love with the beautiful look of the space and sign an official contract before considering other practical things. This may lead to many issues during the special day that can make your event unsuccessful. With that in mind, here are a few important features to look for in an indoor or outdoor wedding venue before you make the final decision.

outdoor/indoor wedding venues Apple Valley, by Minnesota

A spacious fit

This seems to be obvious, but ensure that the venue is large enough to hold the number of your guests. Many sites might look spacious when they are empty, but some wedding essentials like the dance floor, DJ setup, bar, chairs, and tables would fit fill it quickly. Even when you select an outdoor place, you will need more room on the lawn, in the poolside or arboretum.

Great view

When your guests walk into the venue, what would they see? Whether it is crashing waves, a stunning view of the rolling mountain, or the city skyline, exceptional spaces with a breathtaking scene are always a great option. If there is no view, then look to a site with architectural details or décor. Beautiful crystal chandeliers, period furniture, fine rugs, or wall artwork can all make your wedding venue look spectacular.


Privacy can vary a lot by venues, as does the significance couples want about it. If you plan a daytime wedding in a public area like a botanical garden, beach, or park, be prepared for some strangers to walk past your event. If this might annoy you, then it’s better to go for a private venue. Remember that this factor isn't only for outdoor weddings. Hotels and banquet usually organize more than one event at a time. Thus, make sure to check the schedule with your wedding planners and try to plan your event at the right time.

Separate areas

A good wedding venue should have logical areas where your guests can dance, mingle, drink, and eat. When you visit the site, make sure to envision where these activities would happen. If a place is too small to be divided into according sections, you’ll possibly feel cramped. A venue with an odd shape would also compromise the flow of your event. Also, keep in mind the locations of obstructions or columns in the room won’t block the views of your guests.


Light can break or make the space and mood. If you marry during the day, then make sure the hall has many windows. Who wants to sit 5 hours in a dark venue when the sun is still shining outside? For an evening event, make sure it isn’t too dim and the lighting could be adjusted for the dancing, dinner, and big entrance. If you have an outdoor wedding at dusk, for example, consider if it is necessary to set up the candles.

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Other than a just-right feeling, it is important to look for these factors when you are choosing an indoor or outdoor wedding venue in Apple Valley, MN. After all, you want the best things for your special day, so it makes sense to do thorough research and consider carefully. If you need support or advice, then contact Glenhaven Events by Fab! Weddings now for free consultation. With many years of experience, we can show you a variety of beautiful and unique locations around the area to ensure a smooth and well-planned wedding.

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